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    Dirleton Castle is on the East Coast overlooking the Firth of Forth, not to far from Edinburgh on the B1345.  The Castle is 3 miles sandwiched between Gullane and North Berwick.  As you arrive through Dirleton you cant help but think of a quite, quaint village with nothing much else to do but sit down and relax.    The Castle walls are evenly spread out in the middle of the village where it looks as if both the village and castle were meant to be together.  Entry to the Dirleton Castle grounds is through the small information office, run by Historic Scotland, where payment entry is made.  You will then venture through a lovely triangular garden which will then lead up to the castle.


DIRLETON CASTLE  -  Entire Scotland Castle Tours

Scotland Dirleton Castle
Dirleton Castle with Walkway

Scotland Dirleton Castle
Dirleton Castle & Gateway

Dirleton Castle is one of the few proper Medieval Castles still remaining today which most people would consider as a true traditional Castle.   This Castle has been built and sections rebuilt through different era from the 12th century right through to the 15th century.  Walking from the information office there are two entry points, one which is a small staircase.  This is the first entry point at the left side of Dirleton Castle as you look head on at the main drawbridge and castle.  The other entry point in the main drawbridge, and as you walk over, looking to your left is a round tower which is one of the oldest parts of the castle, dating from the 12th century.

Scotland Dirleton Castle
Inside Dirleton Castle

Scotland Dirleton Castle
Dirleton Castle Inside grounds

DIRLETON CASTLE GARDENS  -  Entire Scotland Castle Tours


Dirleton Castle gardens are quite surreal as in they look almost new.  You would never guess that that the garden has been in existence in the castle since the castles earliest days, (more details can be found from Historic Scotland).  There is a lovely natural tone to this garden as you walk on the path beside the rectangular first garden.  It is well looked after and the Garden is in the Guinness Book of World Records stating that Dirleton Castle Garden has the world's longest herbaceous border.

Dirleton Castle Gardens
Dirleton Castle Triangular Garden

Scotland Dirleton Castle Gardens
Dirleton Castle Gardens


Dirleton Castle is one of the most enjoyable castles in Scotland to visit, whether its on a tour with other people interested in the Castle and its historical past or with your own family on a relaxing holiday where your children can have a fantastic time in and out of all nooks and crannies of this beautiful castle.

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